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Betty is for sale!

This truck is registered in Kenya. It's easy to get a "carnet de passage" from the Kenyan Automobil club. Perfect for travelling around in East- and Southern Africa. The truck can later be sold again in Kenya. Bedfords MJ 4x4 go locally for about 20'000US$ on OLX.(Just as truck not as camper)

But I would like if my Betty gets another chance to go on safari and not converted back in a work horse. We made as family of six several tours in East Africa and down to Namibia. The camper is build to accommodate 4 to 6 persons. 

The truck is in very good mechanical condition (ex army maintenance) and ready to drive away for a longer safari. The engine starts on the first turn even after a longer rest, gearbox shifts easy without noises.


Bedford MJ 4x4
Manufactured in 1995, ex British army
Left hand steering
Number plate - KBU494F

Equipped with:

2 spare tires, 12R20
2 Diesel tank, 2x150lt
1 Watertank, 150lt
2 6kg gas cylinder
2 wheel stopper
1 ladder

additional solar power system, 100W with with extra 12V battery

living area with:
- 1 6ft bed
- 1 4ft bed
- 1 3ft bed
- cooking area with stove and drawers
- shower
- 4 passenger seats with safety belts
- 1 table
- lots of storage room
- lights and alarm

Fixed under the car:
- large outdoor table and benches 

Spare parts, all fixed inside the chassis:
- all propeller shafts        
- steering rods               
- clutch                      
- water-pump                   
- fuel pump                    
- brake cylinders             
- wheel bearings              
- filters                      
- ... and much more
The spare parts are locally resellable at about 5'000US$

Price: 27'000US$ 

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